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Seating Services

RCO Engineering is the industry leader in polyurethane (PU) seating engineering and design. Our turnkey solutions for automotive, aerospace, and military vehicle seating include custom concept development, modification, structure design, production, and testing services. Capabilities include foam skiving and pouring, pattern development, fabric cutting, sewing, complete seat manufacturing, testing, and concept validation. We have an in-house aluminum foundry dedicated to the production of custom tooling as well as Krauss-Mauffei and Cannon foam machines. Our Gerber automatic cutting equipment cuts patterns with precision and allows us to efficiently cut and sew premium seating systems.

Our seating can be found in commercial vehicles, defense vehicles, aircraft seating systems, helicopters, and other ground vehicles. Our comprehensive services from product concept through production have made us a trusted supplier to a number of industries that require stringent quality control standards. We are ISO 9001:2008 and AS9001C certified and carry a number of additional industry specific quality certifications. Our experience and reliability have led to our place as the largest seating development company in the industry.

For more information about our polyurethane seating engineering and design capabilities or contact us directly.