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Prototype & Low Volume Metal Fabrication Services

RCO’s stamping capabilities provide a cost effective solution for prototype and low volume metal stamping. By combining metal stamping with our swedging, laser cutting, tube bending, and robotic welding capabilities, we are able to produce a variety of complex parts including muffler systems, seat assemblies, seat frames, and instrument panel structures. We work with a variety of galvanized, mild, high strength, and dual phase steel alloys as well as aluminum and stainless steel. Our stamping presses are rated up to 2,500 tons and can stamp individual components up to 6' x 8' and .25" thick. We offer a wide range of services to support customers in the initial stages of the product development process up through production and part validation.

Early involvement in the design process means we can assist customers in optimizing their design not only to meet specifications, but for efficient manufacturing. Our designers, engineers, machinists, and lab personnel are highly trained with many years of experience serving the automotive, aerospace, defense, and alternative energy industries. We can help with projects as small as a single component modification to a full scale mock-up of a prototype design.

For more information about our prototype and low volume metal stamping capabilities, or contact us directly.

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