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  • (HP) MULTI JET FUSION Printing Process
  • FDM Printing Process
  • Large Scale Printing (2ft x 2ft x 3ft)
  • Functional Prototypes
  • Low Volume Production
  • Assembly of 3D Printed Parts
  • 3D Printed Check Fixtures & Jigs
  • 3D Printed go/no-go gauges
  • 3D Printed Tooling
  • 3D Printed Holding nests


Production intent prototypes in days,
low volume production parts in weeks

Production prototypes



We Support The Following Industries With Our Additive Manufacturing

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Consumer Goods
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Tooling/Molds

MJF – Multi Jet Fusion

  • Finer detail and accuracy for intricate parts.
  • Produce functional parts. (E.G. ball bearing or hinged part )
  • Ability to print more parts in less time. (Low -Volume Production)
  • Parts are isotropic in all axes.
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, and alkalis.
  • Achieves watertight properties without additional post-processing.
Some Multi Jet Fusion made by additive manufacturing services
Examples of pieces made by additive manufacturing services

An FDM piece made by additive manufacturing services
An engine block made by additive manufacturing services
A machine making prototypes for additive manufacturing services

FDM – Fused Deposition

  • Uses extruded thermoplastic filament which is melted layer by layer to form 3D part.
  • Process offers a wide range of materials – ABS, PC/ABS, nylon and others.
  • Production part capability.



Plastic parts made by additive manufacturing services

Production intent prototypes in days,
low volume production parts in weeks

Our Expertise Goes Far Beyond 3D Printing

RCO is an engineering and manufacturing company which offers a full line of services for your prototype and production part development. Rapid prototype as well as prototype and production tooling all fall within RCO’s capabilities, allowing us to take your product from design concept to production release

- Engineering -

Since 1973 RCO Engineering has been the one stop shop for companies looking to design & engineer their parts and prototypes. Our expertise is in seating but we excel in developing a variety of components.

- Prototyping -

We can bring your ideas to life. All of our capabilities and services come together to help customers with projects as small as a single component modification to a full scale mock-up of a prototype design.

- Testing -

Thorough. Accurate. Remarkably fast. A2LA-accredited. With a focus on automotive seating, we test products of all sizes and purposes – utilizing virtually any industry or customer specified standard.

- Production -

We successfully orchestrate production in over 430,000 square feet of manufacturing space – managing multi-material and multi-scale programs while delivering on time and with exceptional quality.

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