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We are quality and accuracy obsessed for good reason. Our whole business depends on it – as do our clients.

RCO Technologies offers an extensive list of analytical testing and validation services in our A2LA-accredited test lab. As a turnkey design, engineering, and manufacturing company we are able to produce any necessary tooling or fixturing in-house. This drastically cuts down the time and complexity involved in the setup and testing process in our automotive testing center.

We aren’t just a contract manufacturing company that specializes in all stages of the design and manufacturing process. We also have our own automotive testing center. This includes a broad range of automotive testing services and development solutions. 

Our automotive testing center started with a focus on automotive seat testing. But now, we have expanded to aerospace design and defense. As an automotive product tester, we work with all sizes and purposes. 


Automotive Testing Services we offer

  • Durability
  • Structural
  • Fatigue
  • Dynamic impact
  • Flammability
  • Corrosion testing
  • Environmental
  • Comfort and many other compliance factors


  • A2LA 13940-01
  • ISO 17025:2005
  • ADR T4127
  • European witness testing under VCA and RDW standards

Industry Standards we test to

  • ECE standards
  • SAE specifications
  • Etc.
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Structural Testing


Our automotive testing lab is equipped to handle a wide variety of automotive testing and development services. This includes structural automotive component testing. 


Structural Testing services,one of our turnkey validation services in our automotive testing center, includes: 

  • Linear and Inverted Pendulum Impactors

  • 3 Position Head Restraint Static Strength

  • Head Restraint Dimensional Measurements

  • Multi-channel and Single Channel Strength Stations

  • Flammability Testing

  • Airbag Deployment

  • High Speed Video and Analysis.


Flammability testing leverages flame-retardant components to determine whether the components burn slowly. Additionally, it checks if they can self-extinguish when they’re no longer in contact with the fire. It’s a critical type of testing that helps to improve the survival chances of passengers in an automobile, airplane, or other vehicles.

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Automotive Durability Testing


We are capable of performing a wide variety of durability tests in our automotive testing center. These include both mechanical and electrical durability testing featuring numerous controllers and temperature extremes. Our environmental and durability test lab offers: 

  • Component Life Cycling
  • Vehicle Cycling
  • Fatigue Durability
  • Salt Exposure,
  • Ability to cycle at temperature extremes.

Any type of durability testing helps assess the durability of the automotive product and/or also that of its individual components. It helps result in a product with steadfast durability and a long lifespan.



Image of a robotic test cell for an automotive testing and development services facility | RCO Engineering

Our automotive testing labs also include several robotic test cells, single-channel, and multi-channel loading stations. These are industry-leading, sophisticated environmental chambers capable of whole vehicle age testing and component performance. This can be done in severe temperatures and humidity conditions, and much more.

Image of a seat testing machine for an automotive testing and development services facility | RCO Engineering

We currently have two fully functional automotive testing centers operating in Plymouth. One is situated inside a customer's building and the other is located in our own building on Five Mile Road.

Comfort Engineering

Because of our specialization in seating, a lot of what our customers focus on is the comfort of seating. Be it in an automobile cruising the countryside or high above the clouds in a business jet, consumers want to be comfortable in their vehicles. RCO has developed some innovative ways to address these comfort challenges.


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Shape & Firmness Replication

Image of a robot testing a chair for an automotive testing and development services facility | RCO Engineering


Shape & Firmness Replication

RCO offers Robostand, an innovative way for individuals who desire a specific seat shape. This could be for a variety of reasons like matching a favorite car or household seat.

This equipment maps the shape and firmness of an existing seat to ensure the maximum seat comfort and seat durability. The data can then be used to replicate the seat for use on an aircraft. This provides the passenger with an identical comfort experience.



Learn More About Robostand Here



Thorough Automotive Testing

We are well-equipped to meet the standards of any industry or customer. This is because of our extensive experience as an automotive testing center. Our team of experts is highly skilled in understanding customer needs and delivering the highest quality automotive testing services.

With our experience as an automotive testing center, it's safe to say we can meet the standards of any industry or customer standards. This includes the challenges in autonomous vehicle testing and validation.

At our automotive testing center, we offer automotive durability testing to make sure everything can withstand real-world conditions. Fatigue testing is also critical in ensuring a vehicle can endure the stress and strain that comes with operation. Weaknesses and flaws can be determined during environmental testing to see how a vehicle holds up in harsh conditions.

Structural automotive component testing will evaluate the integrity and strength of structural parts. Corrosion testing will ensure materials and components can endure corrosive conditions to maintain their integrity and performance.

With dynamic impact testing, we simulate crashes and accidents to evaluate safety mechanisms and their performance. Safety standards are carefully considered with flammability testing to determine the burn resistance and make certain materials meet the desired specifications. The end-users comfort is also of concern as you want to ensure vehicles provide a pleasant experience.


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