Four Benefits of Fiber vs. Gas Lasers for Laser Cutting and Hot Stamp Trimming


When you need efficient laser cutting or hot stamp trimming, fiber lasers are on the cutting edge of today’s technology. They cut faster, better, and safer than the reflective beam delivered by preceding gas lasers.


Fiber-based solid state lasers are effective for working with unlimited materials of varying sizes, and they significantly impact productivity. At RCO Engineering, we recently introduced two new 3D laser cutting machines for higher capacity and efficiency at our production facility.


RCO Adds Two New TRUMPF Trulaser Cell 7040s for Improved Laser Cutting and Hot Stamp Trimming


We work closely with automotive, aerospace, and defense companies supplying them with stamped and fabricated metal parts. Whether you need post-process trimming work for hot stamped parts or large automotive parts cut, our two new TRUMPF Trulaser Cell 7040s equipped with fiber optic laser capabilities enable us to complete the job cleaner and quicker than our competitors.


Boosting Productivity with Fiber Optic Lasers


When you need large automotive parts cut or post-processing trimming completed in a hurry, our new TRUMPF 3D lasers optimize the process.


Let’s explore four benefits that make fiber optic lasers more efficient and productive when working with copper, stainless steel, and other high-strength steel materials.


1.      Higher Speed – Fiber lasers offer greater speed and, therefore, higher efficiency. With a more focused laser beam, it creates a higher power density making a clean cut.

2.      Various Materials- Fiber lasers unlike gas can cut a variety of materials. Copper, Brass aluminum, and stainless steel are just some materials that cut better and more safely with a fiber laser.


3.      Larger table size– Allows us to trim larger parts. Automotive door panels, fenders, crossbeams, pillars, roof panels, body panels, floor panels, hood panels, tailgates, etc..


4.      Consistent Cutting and Trimming – Fiber optic is more consistent in cutting and trimming. The fiber laser offers higher absorption due to the shorter wavelength, which provides a cleaner cut around angles and bends in the material.


With RCO Engineering


The fiber lasers in our new equipment have opened us up for additional capacity. We can process higher volumes of parts faster than ever before. Outsource your hot stamp trimming to RCO Engineering during peak production times and keep your processes moving.


Whether your parts are designed using stainless steel, high strength steel, or copper, our machines can handle the job. Many of our customers use copper for the manufacturing of battery components, bus bars, and other parts for autonomous and electric vehicles. We can also laser cut and trim larger automotive parts such as doors, crossbeams, fenders, mechanisms, etc.


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