RCO Engineering recently had the opportunity to work with a customer who was looking for a fresh modern look for one of their commodity based manufactured components. The company and the market are content with the overall performance imperatives of this product, but the product had an outdated look and feel to it. Another attribute that was noted as the product was assessed was the overall finish quality. A number of enhancements could be made to the finished quality of the product with some basic engineering assistance which would not affect the overall product piece cost.

Their product was brought to RCO Engineering to run it through one of our “Ideation Bootcamp” consulting sessions to refine the design, add features, and develop a better quality finished product. So exactly what is an Ideation Bootcamp consulting session you may be wondering? RCO Engineering has developed a highly successful product development consulting process which ranges from a ½ day to a 3 day session where we review a customer’s desired needs and/or performance attributes for a specific product and develop solutions based on customer feedback. These needs blend aesthetics with fit, form, and function. We analyze the product in the market, if applicable, execute benchmarking work, understand current state of the art, and develop some sketch based concepts as pre-work for the Ideation Bootcamp session. These Bootcamp sessions are led by our Director of Engineering, Shawn Quinn and his team, and will consist of senior management or decision making level employees, engineers, and studio designers. Real time sketching takes place during these meetings as the product evolves and product related direction is developed and defined during the course of these sessions.

The RCO Ideation Boot camp sessions have led to many new product innovations that you see and use every day. We’ve helped multiple Automotive OEMs, Automotive Tier 1s, Mass Transit Companies, Aerospace OEMs, various consumer products companies, and have even blended style with fit, form, and function in a number of Military based applications. What products can RCO help you refresh, enhance, or develop from the ground up? For more information on RCO’s Ideation Bootcamp consulting sessions, please fill out the contact form on rcoeng.com.