Benefits of Turnkey Engineering Solutions for Your Business


Turnkey manufacturing involves outsourcing virtually all the phases of production to one company. One contractor handles all the stages of the process from design, fabrication, training to quality assurance. There are several reasons why businesses choose to adopt turnkey manufacturing solutions. Here are the top benefits for modern organizations.


A Single Line of Communication


One benefit of customized turnkey manufacturing solutions is that it reduces everything to a single point of contact. Trying to contact multiple companies for adjustments can be overwhelming and distort the timeline of your project.

With customized turnkey manufacturing solution

s, all you need is one email or phone call. Your product development services contractor will make the changes you need in no time.


Optimize Production by Combining Design and Manufacturing 


Another factor that makes customization easier is combining design and manufacturing. So when there is a change in the design phase, the production team is able to consider the implications of those adjustments.


With conventional manufacturing, changes would require getting information from both the designer and the manufacturer. In such cases, the project manager has to monitor both the design and the production processes.


Managing Customer Feedback 


In recent years, customers have been demanding personalized attention from service providers. As a result, businesses have to respond quickly and efficiently  to their requests and feedback.


A turnkey manufacturing process is not only robust but also versatile. Every phase of production has a contact point to manage communications and respond to customer feedback.The design, fabrication, and product development teams are always on call. That builds confidence in your organization and makes for a seamless production process. 


Simplified Billing System


When using one contractor for production, design, and fabrication, you can simplify the billing cycle.  You’ll be receiving invoices from a single company, instead of multiple.


A lot of errors can crop up when you have to send multiple invoices. They can get lost, and the chances of making mistakes are higher.


As a result, your project may be halted due to bottlenecks in the billing cycle. Your business could incur more cost during production than you had anticipated in your budget. Turnkey engineering solutions reduce errors and unnecessary costs during the billing cycle.


Manage Your Expenses


Breaking the production cycle into fragments often incurs much higher costs. A contractor dealing with only one phase will typically charge the full price without offers or discounts.


Additionally, the billing systems between manufacturers can vary. That means your staff will be spending more time managing the invoices.


Most small businesses do not have the in-house capacity to manage such accounting challenges effectively. Outsourcing the entire manufacturing to one contractor is, therefore, less expensive.


Uphold the Standards and Quality of Production


You can attain and uphold higher standards of production with customized turnkey manufacturing solutions. Your contractor will have highly skilled staff with experience in multiple aspects of the production cycle. Other small businesses may specialize in just one part of the cycle and be unaware of how their work impacts the rest of the process.


Therefore, the turnkey contractor is more likely to have a better quality control system than what a small business can manage in-house. As a result, turnkey engineering solutions help the entrepreneur maintain high standards and deliver quality products.


You Share Vested Interests


When outsourcing to multiple companies, there isn’t as much focus on your project from the service providers. Your business is just one amongst dozens of other customers. There is no incentive for the supplier to offer discounts or preferential service. Also, the quality is never consistent due to the lack of a streamlined system to make the necessary adjustments.


However, a turnkey manufacturing service provider has a vested interest in seeing your project to its completion. The contractor works with a higher level of accountability. When there is an issue, they can’t shift the blame to the design or training team.


Additionally, turnkey manufacturing contractors are keen on establishing long-term relationships with their clients. They are committed to ensuring that the products are high quality and meet the designer’s specifications.


Because the provider and the client have a vested interest, turnkey manufacturing offers more than just production and design. It presents a full suite of solutions from design to training and support.

The turnkey process inspires confidence in both teams, leading to higher standards and quality of production. Communications and billing are manageable, reducing risks that could compromise the project before its completion. At RCO Engineering,  we offer turnkey engineering solutions in the aerospace, automotive, or medical fields. Visit the RCO Engineering website to work with us today.